Wow! 20 Years of Smile International! 20 years of God’s goodness, faithfulness, guidance, provision; 20 years of turning tears into smiles! All with your amazing and wonderful support, both prayerfully and practically!

It does feel truly incredible to have reached this milestone and we are so grateful to God for sustaining us. On the one hand, it feels like yesterday when we set off in the lorries full of aid and drove through Europe to distribute the aid to the Kosovar refugees, and then officially registering Smile International the year after, but on the other hand, when we look back at all that has been done, it does feel like 20 years!

There have been trying times, of course, everything has its challenges, and when you work in different countries, there are hurdles to overcome all the time: economic, political, financial and cultural, along with outbreaks of disease and natural disasters. There has been sadness, especially when sponsored children or their family members have died of AIDS or disease, but there have also been amazing times, which we must always try and focus on.

There have been so many occasions and situations where, together with you, we have been able to help, we have been a light in the darkness, we have brought hope instead of fear, provision instead of lack, turned tears into smiles and all of it has been in God’s timing. There have been countless ‘God incidences’ over the years, miracles, provision, answers to prayer and all of that has kept the work going.

The work of Smile International is God’s work and we are so excited each day to see what He has in store and how together we can keep smiling!