Help make a child or widow smile even more, especially this Christmas, by sending them a Smile Hamper or a gift. We would like to encourage you to give something to our beneficiaries overseas who desperately need to smile this year.  It’s a great way of celebrating this Christmas season together, with someone who needs to know they are cared about and who would love to have a reason to smile.

This year has been a very challenging one to say the least. We may have found ourselves feeling more lonely than normal, unsettled and very unsure about the future. These are daily struggles for our beneficiaries without being in the middle of a global pandemic. Life is extremely difficult and worrying and they often feel completely shut off from the rest of the world. They have so many emotions to deal with as they face a life of uncertainty and loneliness and so this is a great time to bless them with a Christmas gift.

Many of us have had to celebrate birthdays and events this year, without seeing our friends or families but if we’ve received a gift or a surprise, it truly has been heart-warming. It has made us feel cared for, loved, valued, appreciated, celebrated, touched, happy, joyful and it’s definitely made us smile! That’s exactly what we want to do and now is a great time to send a Smile Hamper or a gift to someone and lift their spirits so more smiles can be created! To feel loved, cared for and important is so precious and it will always be remembered.

Our Smile Hampers are made in country, making them culturally relevant, cost-effective, while helping the local economy. The options are small £9, medium £16 and large £25 and the categories include our FEED programmes – Feeding, Educating, Empowering and Developing. The hampers include much needed food supplies, as well as other items and truly is a great way to show someone they are being thought of. While we often send gifts to people we know here in the UK, our teams on the ground always know who is in need, who needs encouragement and who needs to smile. They simply need the resources to put together a Hamper full of Smiles and this is why donating to our Hamper programme is so great. This year, more than ever, people need something to smile about and you can make it happen.

Receiving a hamper or gift, after the difficulties of this year, will help the recipient know that they are being thought of during these tough times and it’s bound to bring a smile of encouragement and relief.