With the daily requirement and use of PPE in the countries where we are working, we constantly need to keep re-stocking. We use the PPE for the children, widows, and pastors, as well as our teams overseeing the projects. However, we simply do not have enough money for the constant use of disposable masks, nor do we want to add to the problem that the environmental use of plastic has. All our teams, since the beginning of COVID-19, have been using reusable masks and as more becomes available, we want to extend this to others.

In India, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, we are fortunate enough to have tailoring equipment and, over the years, we have trained up tailors who are able to work on this new project. So, instead of giving money to a supplier at a higher cost for reusable face masks, and usually a lower quality reusable mask using poor material, we thought we would cut out the ‘middle’ person and become the manufacturer of reusable masks ourselves. We are, therefore, able to make sure that the overall quality is higher; we will be able to choose higher quality materials to use, and in some countries the mask design our tailors will be using has been approved by the Ministry of Health. This project will empower our tailors by providing them with much-needed work and income and, they will of course, be following strict social distancing measures in their workplace.

Once we have made the reusable masks we will distribute these free of charge in the areas where we work, because many people are unable to afford masks. This will at least offer some form of protection from COVID-19.

We are aiming to start this project as soon as possible, so please pray with us that the money will be raised, and we can begin this vital project to supply, not only our beneficiaries and teams, but other desperate families nearby.  

We are very excited about this new project and value your prayerful support as we seek to make it possible. 

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