Wow, so the years continue to go by extremely quickly and it’s already that time for the new school year to start again in September. Equipping a child with an Educating Hamper is a great thing to be able to do because it means a child can start the school year ready and prepared with what they need to be able to study well.

Often children may get a place at school but have no equipment to be able to make notes, do their homework or be able to store their books anywhere. We have found that children often learn by committing lessons to memory, which is very common when you don’t have anything to write with or on.

This is why an Educating Hamper is the answer! It’s a real gift, which serves as a real blessing,  that children really need at a time such as this! It’s so easy to do, when you’ve finished this, just jump up to the Get Involved heading, click Smile Hampers, scroll down to ‘Donate to our hamper project here’ and order whichever size you can and make the start of someone’s new school year so much easier!