Our team in India are providing the vulnerable and most needy with food parcels in accordance with their government’s policies.

The food parcels give enough food to sustain families for at least a month at a time. They are hoping to shortly recommence the Bible College training for pastors and evangelists, and as soon as possible, for the pre-school.

A big thank you to all of you who donated towards our Coronavirus appeal which has enabled us to purchase PPE for our team in India.

By having all the required PPE ready will enable them to start the projects again as soon as they are allowed to. 

As is the nature with PPE, they are in constant use and we continue to need more donations to make sure that our work does not stop or be hindered due to a lack of PPE.

So if you are able to, then please consider donating towards this vital resource, even £15 will really help make a difference in purchasing some much needed masks, gloves and antibacterial hand gels for our team.

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