As stated in the recent update shared by our CEO, Tim, we are pleased to report that in Kosovo, our palliative care teams are operational again with special government issued passes to carry out their work. This is such a relief to our palliative care patients who have undoubtedly found it difficult without our team’s support during this time. 

A big thank you to all of you who donated towards our Coronavirus appeal which has enabled us to purchase PPE for our Palliative care team in Kosovo.

As is the nature with PPE, they are in constant use and we continue to need more donations to make sure that our work does not stop or be hindered due to a lack of PPE.

So if you are able to, then please consider donating towards this vital resource, even £15 will really help make a difference in purchasing some much needed masks, gloves and antibacterial hand gels for our team.

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