Would you like to send a gift to someone in the countries where we work, but not sure what? Seeing as its August and many of the children we support are heading back to school, why not send them a Back-to-School pack? We remember when we were at school, the joy of searching all the shops for the best pencil case, the most compact geometry set and the coolest rubbers! It was always a little competition to see who had the best stationery and August was the month dedicated to this challenge!

As we know this sort of thing isn’t available in the countries where we work and for the school children, having one pencil is a blessing which they protect at all costs. In previous years we have found that children would share pencils and paper and would often have to commit to memorising lessons or work on the board due to lack of school resources. Our Educating programme is vital for situations like this, so that we can provide the resources the schools need and equip teachers and children with pens, pencils, erasers, books, paper etc.

Being able to provide children with a Back-to-School pack is such a huge help, both for the children and their families. It’s just one less thing to worry about especially at the start of a new school year. Going back to school in September can be daunting enough as it is, when you don’t have very much, so to be able to help in this way, would be greatly appreciated.

An Educating Hamper can be donated from our website shop and will make all the difference and help a child be all prepared and ready for the new school year.