I am delighted to share with you about a new radio project that we have been able to set up in Uganda. Due to COVID-19, children have not been going to school and have been missing out on their educational development. They have been unable to go online because they do not have laptops, computers, or access to the internet. We have been working with one of the schools that we support in Uganda to overcome this.

The schools’ teachers broadcast a variety of lessons over a tannoy system, which has not only benefited the children themselves, but also many of their parents who have been keen to improve their education.

Our sponsored children have received materials such as exercise books, pencils, and pens to use as they study from lessons given over the radio. We have provided the necessary materials to help the teachers so that they can set questions relevant to the various topics taught. The reports coming in from parents indicate that this has been a great help to them.  Due to the financial strain that the pandemic has caused, the parents have not been able to purchase the educational resources needed for their children, much as they wanted them to study via the local community radio.

Class lessons held on the community radio are of great help to the sponsored children and the community at large. We are pleased that we have been able to meet this need and are looking to the Lord to help with the continuing running costs. Parents are now able to directly involve themselves in their children’s studies too as they supervise them. Here are some of the comments we have received:

I have been financially strained and wasn’t in position to buy school materials for my child to use as she studies on radio but am glad that she received them”. Guardian of Susan*

My daughter is now fully occupied at home with the radio lessons from her teachers”. Gemma’s* mother

Am able to assist my grandson with studies as am able to directly supervise him”. Grandmother of Peter*

 *Names changed for child protection purposes