We are pleased to let you know that our Face Mask Project is continuing to go well and we have now distributed over 5,000 face masks! What a great achievement on behalf of all those on our Empowering programmes who are working so hard to make the masks and for our teams who are overseeing the projects. The production of these masks has increased considerably now that our tailors have gained experience in making the masks and our aim is to make thousands more.

Due to the kind generosity of our supporters who have donated towards this project, we have also been able to provide more sewing machines, which again helps to speed up production and therefore distribution. For anyone looking for ways to help further this project, we are still looking to increase the amount of sewing machines which are £200 each and for financial contributions towards materials and resources, which are greatly appreciated.

It has been wonderful to hear reports of the those on our Empowering programmes really enjoying their newfound skill set, in mask making and that they have enjoyed this time together (socially distanced of course) working towards a common aim of providing useful and much-needed PPE.

Providing free reusable face masks has been a massive help in getting as many children as possible back to school, in the communities where we work, now they have the masks provided by Smile. The pupils are grateful, the families and the teachers too. We not only distribute to the schools but to people in the local communities who desperately need some form of protection against COVID-19 but have no means in which to buy anything.

One of our biggest needs is your financial support towards this project. This really will make a huge difference so that we can buy the materials, resources and equipment that is needed. To make the masks we need the material, which we buy on the ground in each of the countries, to help support the local economy. We also need to buy more sewing machines which are £200 each which will help increase production. If you would like to support this project and help buy a sewing machine or material and resources, then please donate by clicking the link below. Thank you.

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