Take a look at our new video with our CEO about our Face Mask Project and how it’s going. It gives you a real sense of what the project is all about and how hard everyone is working to make reusable face masks for adults and children who desperately need them.

This project is proving to be a lifeline for so many as it not only helps to empower our tailors through our Empowering programme by providing them with much-needed work and income, but means people don’t have to choose between food, in order to survive, or buying a mask.

One of our biggest needs is your financial support towards this project. To make the masks we need the material, which we buy on the ground in each of the countries, to help support the local economy. We also need to buy more sewing machines which are £200 each which will help increase production. This will really make a huge difference so that we can buy the materials, resources and equipment that is needed.

Any gift that you can give enables us to keep making these all-important face masks to help protect against contracting COVID-19 and the further transmission of the virus. It helps to provide reusable face masks so children and adults can feel protected and means our teams can continue to educate local communities on issues such as hygiene and social distancing.