Giving a gift is precious. It’s an all-round win-win situation, as it’s heart-warming to those who receive it and makes you, the giver, feel great too. Sometimes giving a gift can seem effortless but to the person receiving it, it can mean the absolute world. We all know and have felt that initial element of surprise and excitement when we have received a gift and when it’s been what we wanted or needed, that overwhelming feeling of gratitude and relief takes over. Gratitude, that someone has listened, observed and bought it for you and relief, because what you needed has been provided.

In the countries where we work, gifts are few and far between. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, special occasions are rarely marked with gifts or presents as they are too costly, and people simply don’t have anything extra with which to buy anything. Many of the people we focus on helping are often living in the slums of a local area, barely have any clothes and struggle for food to eat. Their daily challenge is to find food for the family and to simply keep going.

The power of a gift is extremely significant, it makes people feel appreciated, special, recognised, encouraged, loved, cared for, supported, happy and relieved.  This is why we wanted to start a gift giving programme - Hampers full of Smiles. We thought it would be a lovely idea to give a gift to someone in desperate need, bringing joy and happiness to those who receive them. You don’t have to sponsor a child or a widow to be able to give them a gift, your gift would go to someone who needs this form of encouragement and show of love. Our teams on the ground know who is in need and who could desperately benefit from receiving a gift.

Our Smile Hampers are made in country, making them culturally relevant and cost-effective. The options are small £9, medium £16 and large £25 and the categories include our FEED programmes – Feeding, Educating, Empowering and Developing. For example, hampers for Feeding – a small hamper will include food, the medium hamper will include food and a gift and the large hamper will include food, a gift and clothing. You can order them via the link below or simply call us at the office and we can do it all for you.

Never underestimate the power of a gift and how deep the smiles go.