This year, as we are all aware, has been very challenging to say the least. Rising costs left, right and centre have made us all question our spending more than ever. Maybe we’ve cut back, changed our spending habits or learnt to budget differently, but it has had a noticeable impact on how we live.

Harvest time is a great time to remember and count our blessings. It reminds us to be continuously grateful for all that we have, no matter if it’s the brand we usually bought or now a less expensive alternative one, we are still extremely blessed here in the UK. Simply put, we have options.

The people we help do not have this availability of choice and if it’s become harder for us here in the UK, we can only imagine how much more difficult it is for those living in remote villages with no easy access to anything, no alternatives, no choice and no other option.

We’re helping people who have nothing; if we weren’t providing food supplies, they simply wouldn’t receive anything, they would have no food to eat. We are asking you today, this harvest time, to please help put food on the table of those who are struggling to eat. In the countries where we work there are no food banks, no school meal vouchers, no reduced items; they simply do not have anything. If for a moment you can please try and put yourself in their position and give however much you can, to help people receive food they so desperately need, we would be so grateful.

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