Well, what a great day this is! It’s National Smile Power Day! A simply great day for all you smilers out there! 😊 It’s a day dedicated to thinking all about the power of a smile and smiles really are powerful. If you think about how you feel when someone smiles at you, it makes you feel happy, noticed, warm, important, reassured, comforted, special, appreciated etc. There are so many feelings that one smile can invoke, that’s why smiling is so important and there’s a whole day dedicated to it! It can be a release for some people from the stresses and strains of day-to-day life when someone simply makes the effort to smile at them. Like a pressure valve being released. Some people can simply melt into a more relaxed state, both mentally and physically, all because of a person’s smile. This is why they are so extremely powerful and that’s why we love to make others smile as much as we can and why we are dedicated to turning as many tears into smiles as possible, because it truly makes such a difference.

Smiles bring joy, the joy of knowing that someone has thought about you enough to smile at you. They can be a sign of reassurance, to let you know you’re doing something well. It can be a sign of care and empathy in a situation you may be facing. Smiles are great when they are a sign of recognition between people and highlights a special bond and connection between those smiling. Smiles radiate warmth and love and who doesn’t want to feel that? They are powerful because they are often contagious, one of the few things that benefits from being contagious! A smile encourages, lifts others up and helps people along their way. It has the power to mean more to people than we may ever know. A smile has the ability to boost people’s self-confidence and worth which is much needed into today’s world. They can be a sign of calm, peace and contentment which helps people to relax and breathe easy. They are a powerful way to show kindness which everyone appreciates and needs to see more of. Most importantly, they are a wonderful symbol of hope. Hope that everything will be ok.

We stand by smiling and its importance and it’s our passion to focus on how we can make more people smile in today’s world. Turning tears into smiles is a beautiful thing and a privilege to be able to do. It may be a smile on the face of a desperately lonely widow, when one of our team visits her and spends time with her, enabling her to laugh and in that moment to forget her isolation and despair. It might be the smiles from ear to ear on the faces of hungry street children when they receive a meal that they don’t have to share. It’s that smile of relief on the face of a single mother trying to fend for her family knowing it’s their last meal, when a month’s worth of food supplies is bought to her door. It’s the smile of safety and realisation when a child is given the opportunity of an education, they no longer have to search alone for food for their family and know they have the prospect of finally achieving their dreams.

A smile of happiness, a smile of relief, a smile of safety and a smile of hope, this is why we do what we do.

Smiles are precious, priceless and unique to each person. Be the reason why someone smiles today.