Madhu’s mother shared with us how concerned she is that she can’t even take her young child to the doctors to see if he is ok. Since the pandemic, health has been at the forefront of our minds and especially the health of the children we work with.

We are now providing free, regular, medical check-ups for children like Madhu at our preschool in India. We recently had a nurse and an assistant come from the healthcare clinic to measure their height, weight, temperature and provided a general overall health check. They also administered vitamins to improve the children’s immune system, which serve as a preventative measure, to stop the frequent fevers which are very common in the slums due to diseases and different climates.

Bhagya, in India, shared with us that the parents were really happy that Smile was providing these vital free medical check-ups for their children – thanks to the generosity of people like you - as they don’t have the resources to visit a doctor.

“Really God is good, always his wonders are unbelievable. Now we can do medical check-ups for the children. Thank you so much for the prayers and support towards this. It will bring smiles to the children and parents too.” Stephen, Team Leader

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