We are desperate to see our Feeding programmes grow, expand and develop, because now more than ever there is a huge need for this type of support. We know this is an area the Lord wants us to help and focus on as we have seen first-hand the difference that it makes. We have met people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from or how they are going to provide food for their children. It is heart-breaking to see but it is even more heart-breaking to be in this position.

Providing food for the hungry is what we are called to do and the solution to people starving really is that simple, food supplies. It is an easy, solvable, achievable problem, that with more support would help so many more people in desperate need. It is probably something we rarely think about but growing up in a country where 3 meals a day is expected and normal, it can dampen our understanding of what it’s like to go for several days at a time without a meal. All we need to do is simply pop to the shops, but for those we support the word ‘simply’ can’t really be used at all. Shops and markets are often situated miles away from those we focus on helping, so ‘popping out’ could take several hours, if not a whole day’s effort. It means walking alone for miles on end, often in extreme heat, with no shoes, along dusty, dry landscapes with no water to drink. Making this journey on an empty stomach with no sustenance, is also very unwise and can be very dangerous. It is then only possible if you have any money, otherwise the journey is a total waste of time.

This is where our Feeding programmes are invaluable. We have the transport and the means, so we can deliver the food to those in rural communities who can’t just pop to the shops. We know it makes such a difference and we want to be able to help even more people by easing their daily burden. There are more schools, children, adults and rural communities that are desperate for our help. We receive these requests very often, and we want to be able to do something about it.

We know that we can help even more people who desperately need it. We have the transport and the teams in place to facilitate this, we just need more resources to make this happen. Providing much-needed meals to the hungry is something we know how to do. We have the experience, the knowledge of local food suppliers and the cooks and volunteers to turn the produce into satisfying meals. We just need the funds and support to enable this area of our work to grow.

If you would like to donate to our Feeding programme, please follow the link below and help someone eat with a smile on their face.

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