Where would we be in this world if it wasn’t for volunteers? They play an integral part in so much of what is achieved day to day and if it wasn’t for them, a lot of things would come to a standstill. People volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts and very often without a lot of appreciation. They do it because it’s what they love to do or it’s their personal contribution to helping make the world a better place and we think that’s just amazing.

We want to take some time to remember all of our wonderful volunteers and all that they do around the world to help turn tears into smiles. We think of how important they all are and how each team works so well together and compliments each other with their different roles and contributions. They come faithfully every day to our projects and help out in lots of different ways and we are so grateful for their time and shared passion in wanting to help and serve others as best they can. We think of our cooks in Zimbabwe who prepare, cook and serve the food for our Feeding programme, as well as wash and tidy up after each meal too. This is no easy feat for sure, they have no electricity for electric ovens or stoves, it’s all cooked by fire and they have huge pots and pans in which they have to stir the food for a long time. We think of all our assistants too who play a huge role in the life and work of Smile and how they help our teams on the ground.

We are so incredibly grateful for each and every one of them and wanted to publicly thank them for their faithfulness, hard work and personal contribution to the life and work of Smile International.