As you may know, prayer is the backbone of our work, and we rely so heavily upon it for all that we do. It is the very essence of the work of Smile International because it’s God’s work. We are very grateful to all our supporters who pray for the work of Smile, and we thank you for your extremely important prayerful support which we really appreciate. It is a valuable part of our ministry, and it has a powerful impact on all we do. Although prayer is largely an unseen area of our work, it is one which we value enormously. It is such an encouragement to have people stand with us in prayer, and we are forever grateful to those who support us in this way.

We love sharing our prayer needs with our prayer partners each month, as we know just how amazing the power of prayer is and how much it can achieve. There are many demands on our time; difficult situations often arise in the countries where we work and important decisions have to be made on a daily basis. Due to the last few years especially, there are even more needs and more situations that need our prayers. To be able to intercede on behalf of those who are struggling in this world, is what we as Christians are urged to do and when there is so much brokenness all around us, there is so much need for prayer.

When we share the prayer needs from the countries we work in, our FEED programmes, the projects we run and the different ways of fundraising, we feel a great sense of release. The release comes as we have been able to share the above with those we know will pray, which is so encouraging and reassuring. The faithfulness and loyalty in praying for each aspect of the work is of paramount importance as we know each prayer is invaluable to the life of this work and makes a real difference.

This is an area that we want to see grow; we are praying for it to grow as it is a very real need and an extremely important one too. If this is an area that you think you would like to support us in, we ask you to follow the link below and sign up to receive our monthly Prayer Focus. If there are other people you know who might also want to pray for the work and the people that we help to support, then please encourage them to sign up and pray for Smile too. There are so many people that need us to pray for them on their behalf and we are passionate about seeing this area of the work develop.