We are pleased to share with you that our pre-school in India is back up and running and has been for a few months, after being shut down for two years due to COVID. This is such great news as many of the families who send their children to the pre-school find it such a lifeline for their families. Our team in India are so warm and welcoming, and love to help and serve their local community and its children in this way and always with a smile on their face!

The pre-school is such a great place for the children to come and learn in a safe environment and they have so much fun and enjoyment whilst there. Our teachers and volunteers love being able to look after them and teach the children and we can really see the development of the pre-school and its potential to keep flourishing.

The level of education in the area where we work is extremely basic or non-existent and so this is a great opportunity for the pre-school and its teachers to shine in this way and help give the children a basic education that they otherwise would not receive.

If this is something you would like to get involved with or donate to, so we can keep providing the resources they need in order to keep going, we would really encourage you to do so. It would be a real blessing to the teachers and the children to feel supported in this way.

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