It’s that time of year when the schools break up for the Christmas holidays and so we ask you to remember and pray for the children we support during this time. It has been another unsettling year for all school children, all over the world and we hope and pray that this will be a good time of rest after this challenging year especially.

The Christmas holidays are not quite as festive as they are for some children here in the UK. Many of the children we help and support do not even celebrate Christmas as they do not have anything to celebrate with. They don’t expect presents, as there is no money for that, they do not visit Father Christmas or probably even know much about him. There are no exciting crafts to be made or glittery decorations to put up. There are no special services or evening carols. No festive biscuits to be made or exciting Christmas themed chocolates to be eaten. There are no Christmas lights to go and see or any suspense in the atmosphere leading up to Christmas Day. In fact, the majority of the children would actually rather be at school. Being at home can be challenging enough in itself as the burden of responsibility becomes very real again. For many children they have to look after their younger siblings or ill parents or grandparents. They have to help look for food or prepare and cook meals. They must tidy and keep the house clean. They have to fetch water and carry wood and sticks for the fire. Life is a lot more practical in the countries where we work, and everything takes a lot of time to achieve. Once the daily chores are completed and meals are made, there isn’t a lot else for the children to do to occupy themselves during the break from school. This is why going to school is a huge privilege as they can learn, be with their friends and absorb school life. They get to be children again and embrace who they are.

This Christmas break we ask you to think and pray for all the children we support, that they stay safe, happy and blessed.

If you would like to send a Smile Hamper to a child this Christmas and give them something to smile about, then please click the link below and specify “For a child” in the comments box. Thank you.