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To be able to share with you the needs of the people we work so hard to support is a privilege and to let you know about existing projects and new ones is just exciting! It is our responsibility to keep you informed about what’s happening but also to raise support for those who really need our help. We often feel that we are the voice for those who can’t share their story and so it is our duty to convey these real-life struggles to you, in the hope that together, we can turn tears into smiles.

To witness a widow, break down in front of you, full of gratitude for supplying food in her darkest times, makes you realise the significance of feeding the world’s most vulnerable.  Seeing a classroom of children being educated and knowing the effects of this are immeasurable, is incredible. To know that a mother or a father has felt empowered and confident again to be able to provide for their families, because people have supported our Empowering programme, is so fulfilling. To be able to witness the birth of new projects is incredibly exciting as we know they have enormous potential to help life become easier for so many. To see children and widows sponsored and lives transformed because people have seen the importance of this faithful sponsorship, is wonderful.

This is all achievable because of people like you who want to receive updates about the work so they can find out the best way to support it. When we know, we can act and that is a great position to be in. The more we know, the more we can help people smile again.

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