Want to do something worthwhile? Feel like now is the time to reach out and invest in something different? Well, you can with our Sponsor a Child programme. You can embark on this special journey together with a child and help them grow, develop and achieve their dream. You can be the difference to someone’s life they so desperately need. In 2022 there are still so many children that do not have the opportunity to attend school, to learn to read and write, but together, we can change this. The answer is simple, investing in the life of a precious child, making life choices possible for them and helping them to see there’s more to the world than they think. 

Child sponsorship is a practical and effective way of helping a child and their family receive the support they need to have a brighter future but it’s also so much more than that. Sponsoring a child means being this wonderful source of encouragement that they cherish so dearly, it means helping to empower boys and girls so that they can find out more about the world that they live in and how they themselves can have an impact. It means you help to develop their character so they can become the person they want to be, it’s showing them they have value, and they are special in their own unique way and above all else, they matter. It’s telling them there is a place for them in this world and with an education behind them, they can help make it better.

Achieving their dreams, having a brighter future and being filled with hope might be the common things people mention when talking about Child Sponsorship, but when you have nothing to dream about, you and your family are destitute, hungry and tired and life all around you is hopeless, these things matter.

You can provide hope and where there is hope, there is a future.

Child sponsorship is not just about providing a child with an education, but we help to provide your sponsored child with the following:

  • A life-changing opportunity of receiving an education
  • Regular and beneficial food
  • Access to regular health check-ups
  • Visits from our teams, including home visits, to oversee your child’s welfare
  • The opportunity for them to attend child development sessions, hosted by our teams
  • Empowering meetings for your child’s local community
  • Letters from you translated into their language

The children that Smile International supports through sponsorship are accepted irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, nationality or religion.

Sponsoring a child could never be more important after the impact of COVID-19, and we would love to be able to help you transform a child’s life for just 83p a day, £25 a month, so that you can start sharing a smile together.