As we are a Christian charity, we strive to share God’s love with those we work with. Smile International is run on strong ethical and Christian principles and it is a privilege to serve God in this way. Over the years we have often supported local churches, ministers, the congregation and their church projects, in the communities where we work. In countries such as Zimbabwe, pastors would travel for miles to rural villages or to the slums to hold church services. We found that they were not being supported in any way and were dedicating so much of their time and effort into travelling, preaching and serving others, that we wanted to be able to bless them for their ongoing commitment. They would very often be out of pocket, walk miles between each church service and were struggling themselves to provide food for their own families. However, they were so devoted to serving the Lord in this way, that we wanted to help.

Although we do not offer the opportunity to Sponsor a Pastor at this time, we still do have a few people who have continued with their sponsorship of these pastors, for over a decade now. They have been regularly giving to help these pastors and their families with food supplies amongst other things, each month. It has been lovely to see how the pastors have felt so cared for and blessed over the years and continue to feel so with this all-important help. To be able to help bless someone as they carry out the Lord’s work is very special indeed and we know the pastors, their families and the congregations are extremely grateful.

If you would like to bless a pastor with a hamper or donation then please let us know.

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