Please can we ask you to consider sponsoring one of four of the children or one of the three widows that we need sponsoring as a matter of urgency. Due to the difficult year we have had and changes in people’s circumstances, it has meant that people have had to cease their sponsorship. We are so grateful that we have managed to replace some sponsors, but these are the remaining children and widows that still need support. Unfortunately, it is a reflection on how difficult this year has been for so many and we understand the predicament that people have found themselves in. However, this does leave these particular children and widows vulnerable and it’s our responsibility to see them sponsored again as soon as possible. Sponsorship of children and widows is hugely important in so many different ways and has a huge impact on their lives. Children and widows feel valued, special, supported, empowered, cared for, important, treasured and loved. This support network helps them to keep going, gives them the opportunities they have dreamed of and encourages them in their life’s journey.

We love the special relationship that sponsorship brings, not only to the child or widow being sponsored but to the sponsor too. The relationship that develops and grows over the years is very unique and it’s such a fantastic way to be able to help people for a longer time. We’re sure we have all felt lonely at times this past year and so what a great way to combat it than by entering into and building a new relationship with someone through sponsorship. We ask you to consider sponsoring someone yourself and making that vital difference or it could be that you know of someone who this would be of interest to. Maybe your church or even a local church, a business, school or group who could embark on this wonderful journey together with a child or widow who desperately needs support right now.

Be the reason someone smiles today through the wonderful opportunity of sponsorship.