As we are a Christian charity, we strive to share God’s love with those we work with. Smile International is run on strong ethical and Christian principles and it is a privilege to serve God in this way. Over the years we have supported local churches, ministers, the congregation and their church projects, in the communities where we work. With our work in India, we have seen a real thirst for more knowledge about the Bible and Christian ministry. The church and people we work with have a very evangelistic approach and are very dedicated to reaching out to help those in need around them. They love to be able to minister to the local community through various different means and share the Good news with those that they meet.

Through the ministry and evangelism training course young men and women are being trained as pastors and evangelists to proclaim the Gospel and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to men, women and children who have never heard of our Lord and Saviour. There are so many needs in India, as there are all over the world, but the biggest need of all, is for more people to know the love of God and live for Him.

It is exciting to know that they will be used effectively by God to be a light in their local communities, they will shine for Him as they reach out and minister to those they meet and that they will be great witnesses wherever they go. There is always a hunger and a thirst from the students to want to learn and know more about the Word and how they can be used by God to further the work of His Kingdom. It is a privilege being able to help them on this journey, of delving deeper into the Word and putting what they learn into action.