We really need you to urgently pray and think about donating to families in need in Uganda. We have been informed that there are 62 families who are going hungry and in desperate need of food and other supplies and each family has between 5 to 10 members in each household. Our team have recently heard about the ever-increasing needs they are facing due to the pandemic, and they have asked us if there is any way in which we can help them with immediate effect. Due to the pandemic and Uganda being in and out of lockdowns, it means that people have not been able to work or even go out to look for food. This has meant that there is now a severe lack of food supplies within these families, and this is daily becoming more and more of a challenge.

As you can see, this is a huge need and we are asking you to seriously consider supporting these families, which includes babies, children, parents and grandparents, all struggling to find food to eat every day. We are all very concerned about the health and welfare of these families and our team are trying to help in any way they can. We need around £1,000 to be able to provide them all with staple food supplies such as flour, rice and beans and means they will then be able to provide meals within each household.

Our desire is to see these families helped, supported and provided for as soon as possible as the strain and struggle for them all is overwhelming. Our team are constantly being asked for help and as you know, our passion is to help those in greatest need. For 62 families to be highlighted as cause for serious concern is very worrying and so we are praying in the funds for this need to be covered quickly.

If you would like to donate urgently towards this area of our work, please follow the link below. Any support towards this immediate need would be greatly appreciated.

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