Due to Uganda being in and out of lock downs, parents and children, were battling with questions concerning the education of their children and their future. When we announced that lessons would be given over a tannoy system, here’s the feedback we received from our team in Uganda:

“Many parents received this news with a lot of excitement and hope! In fact, ever since the programme started, the parents and the learners have been blessed so much!” Uganda Team

Our project in Uganda, which helped children continue to learn whilst they couldn’t attend school, is still going strong. The children can’t go online to learn because they do not have laptops, computers, or access to the internet, so the schools’ teachers broadcast a variety of lessons over a tannoy system. This has not only benefited the children themselves, but also many of their parents who have been keen to improve their education. Even though this was meant to be a temporary solution during the first lockdown, and as Uganda has consistently been in and out of lockdowns over the past 18 months, our project sprang back into action. Our short-term solution has turned into a long-term benefit!

Below are some of the responses from some of the parents and sponsored children:

“Studying via the community radio has helped me keep in memory the things that my teachers taught me before the lock down and I have also learnt some new things. My mind is being kept alert and prepared to learn new things each time the teachers teach. I am also able to benefit from the time with each teacher through this programme, to help me understand in detail as they guide me.”

“I have had the opportunity to continue with the syllabus as it should be, due to the opportunity of studying from the community radio with support from Smile International. I am so grateful that when schools reopen, I will be able to go to the next class”.

“It’s been great studying on the community radio as I have had quality time to spend with my teachers and this has helped me understand lessons better. Thanks go to Smile International for all the support rendered for these lessons to be held.”

“As a parent, I felt uncomfortable with the issue of my child staying home due to the country wide school lock down; joy came back to me when our children got the chance to study from the community radio. Now my son has been brought back to school level thinking, like it was before schools were locked down. I am thankful for the support received.”

“When the lock down of schools hit our country, I felt discouraged as I wasn’t sure of when I was to ever study again; I got delighted when lessons started to be aired on the community radio with support from Smile International. I am now hopeful that school is moving on despite us not sitting in class.”

“I am all filled with joy for the support my child receives which has enabled her study from the community radio; the teachers have really done her so well that she is fully tuned to her studies”.

“Having lessons via the community radio has done my son a lot of good as his brains have been revived and alerted; he is able to do his corrections with his teachers whenever he takes work for marking hence putting him in a better position to understand; I commend the support my son gets towards this cause.”

*Names changed to protect identity.