We're deeply grateful to announce that, thanks to the generous support from our donors, we've successfully gathered the initial funds for the first phase of our Seed project in Uganda. This critical milestone allows our project to truly take flight, offering immense encouragement to our dedicated team on the ground in Uganda.

We are so grateful to those who have given to support this project – you have literally sown good seeds of life and hope into this project and everyone is really enthusiastic about the possibilities this will bring. 

As we mentioned before, the primary goal is to cultivate enough food to support the Feeding project, with surplus resources to be sold in the market. The profits from these sales will be reinvested into procuring more seeds, thereby establishing a continuous cycle of self-sustainability.

To keep feeding this community, we need your ongoing support. Your continued contribution can make this project a success. In order for the second phase to start,£455-£495 (depending on exchange rate at the time of purchase and the cost of goods) is needed before the end of July which will help to kick-start the bean planting stage, enabling us to reach more people in need.

The team in country will be requiring a similar amount every 3 – 4 months over the next 12-month period (at least) until they reach a stage where they will gain enough surplus each harvest to sell at market, so they can reinvest more each time and therefore require less from the UK. Therefore, making them more self-sufficient. 

We are deeply grateful for every contribution made towards this new project. Your generosity has set the foundation for its successful start.

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