Smile International remains passionate about helping turn tears into smiles through our FEED programmes – Feeding, Educating, Empowering and Developing and through Child and Widow Sponsorship. At a time like this, there is an ever-growing need for these programmes to keep operational and to expand like never before. COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact globally and, in the countries where we work, we have seen a huge increase in the struggle for food and basic necessities. With countries forced into lockdowns and no online services available, no organised level of healthcare, no support programmes or government led initiatives, it means the people have been left more vulnerable than ever.

We need to act now and quickly, and any donation you can make means that we can do this. Your gift will enable us to help put food on the table of a lonely widow, provide reusable face masks so children can be allowed to return to school, it helps our teams continue to educate local communities on issues such as hygiene and helps to provide food supplies to struggling families.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we thank you for thinking of those who are in extreme need. To be able to help put a smile back on someone’s face and to do this together is a great achievement.

Thank you.