It’s a day all about Smile yay! No, really, it’s World Smile Day today celebrated every year on 1st October. It’s a day to put your best smiles on and celebrate being able to smile. We know it’s been an incredibly difficult time lately, and some of us might think we don’t have much to smile about, but truly we do. It’s always good to find something to smile about and this day is all about “the complete demonstration of generosity and being able to help an individual smile.” So, there you go, if you’re struggling to find something that makes you smile, then why not help someone else smile. We’re sure that will help and you never know, in the process you might even smile yourself.

Our passion here at Smile International is to turn tears into smiles and there are so many ways that this can be achieved. We focus on our FEED programmes – Feeding, Educating, Empowering and Developing as well as Child and Widow Sponsorship and you can be sure that they make a real difference. When people can’t smile because they are so hungry, we strive to provide the food they need. When children can’t smile because they are desperate to learn and receive an education, we help to educate them. When parents can’t smile because they have no way of providing for their families, we help to empower them through our empowering programmes. When a village or school struggles to smile because they have no fresh water, we try to raise funds to sink wells. We love to see people smile, it’s what we’re all about. It makes such a difference and often they are straight forward issues that can so easily be resolved, it just needs people to know about it who are then passionate enough to support the work. So, this Smile Day, think how you can make someone else smile and help to make a real difference.

A smile of happiness, a smile of relief, a smile of safety and a smile of hope - this is why we do what we do.

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