It’s 1st October so it must mean one thing….It’s World Smile Day! A whole day dedicated to smiling! Or at least thinking about what makes you smile which we think is a very good exercise to do. It can really help to put things into perspective and even highlight areas and things we should be smiling about more. Do we have electricity and light when we turn the light switch on? Smile. Do we have clean, fresh water when we turn on the taps? Smile. Do we put a key into our front door and have a house to live in? Smile. Do we have food to eat? Smile. There really is a lot to smile about when we start thinking about it.

World Smile Day is a good day to take stock and think what makes us smile, what could we smile more about and how can we make other people smile. The last one for us is what really makes us tick. How can we make other people smile? How can we turn tears into smiles and help people find their smile again? This is what we’re dedicated to and passionate about through our FEED programmes and Child and Widow Sponsorship.

What better way to celebrate World Smile Day than by giving a gift to Smile to help make someone else smile?

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