Anesh is 3 and loves going to pre-school, which is open again after being shut down for 2 years due to the pandemic. She loves socialising each day and learning through the importance of play. Anesh’s parents are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to send their daughter to a safe and secure environment that cares for and helps educate her.

The alternative is very grim as Anesh’s only other place to play is in the local slums, with open sewers which are riddled with disease and poses dangerous risks.

Sending Anesh to pre-school enables her parents to go out and look for work to help provide for the wider family. It empowers them to try and improve their situation knowing their daughter is well looked after.

The challenge we face now is turning away 10 to 20 families who desperately want to enrol their children. We have the capacity for more, we have the classroom, staff, teachers, educational resources and time, we just need your support.

£16 today can help support children like Anesh

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