It has always been at the heart of what Smile International has done, to care for and look after widows and orphans. We truly believe that God holds widows and orphans close to His heart and therefore we feel we can help support, care for and turn their tears into smiles.

We have visibly seen the difference when a widow feels supported, looked after, cared for, empowered, protected and loved. We have seen the way widows carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, laden with grief, fear, worry, anxiety, panic and hopelessness. Their whole countenance and demeanour lifts when they have been given the support they so desperately need through our programme and those who support it.

Please consider being a friend from afar and support a widow who struggles to support herself. These women are in desperate situations and need someone to care for them, support them and love them through life. In cultures where women are not encouraged to be independent, the death of their husband is not just life shattering but can be incapacitating. They become vulnerable, exposed and marginalised.

To be able to reach out and take away some of their inner worries and fears is something incredibly special and profound. To let a widow, know that we are there for them, that they are in our thoughts, that we care for and love them, has far reaching effects that we may never fully understand, but to that one lady, it could mean the world.

Please consider sponsoring a widow for £20 a month, just 66p a day, and share a smile of support together in the hardest of times.

Together, we can make a widow smile again!

Please complete this form if you are interesting in wanting to Sponsor a Widow with us.