We have launched our Smile Hampers – Hampers full of Smiles!  They are available all year round! We thought it would be a lovely idea to give a gift of a Smile Hamper which will bring joy and happiness to the people we help to support in all the countries we work in. It would be a great fundraising idea for your church or family to get involved in as each hamper will be such a blessing to those who receive it.

We all know and appreciate what it feels like to receive a gift and we live in a culture which is gift obsessed. But can you imagine never having received one? No presents for your Birthday, for Christmas, anniversaries; no flowers, no box of chocolates, no-one to just appreciate you for who you are. In the countries where we work, more realistically, no-one having any money to do so. This is where we can change that and here’s a great opportunity to create even more smiles!

Our Smile Hampers are made in country, making them culturally relevant and cost-effective. The options are small £9, medium £16 and large £25 and the categories include our FEED programmes – Feeding, Educating, Empowering and Developing. For example, hampers for Feeding – a small hamper will include food, the medium hamper will include food and a gift and the large hamper will include food, a gift and clothing. You can order them via our website or simply call us at the office and we can do it for you.

You can make a widow feel loved, your sponsored child feel excited, our child-headed families feel valued, a father feel encouraged and a mother feel special. It’s so much more than a hamper full of goodies, it’s a hamper full of smiles, joy, excitement, love and the feeling of being valued. It’s a hamper to make someone feel special!

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