Jonathan, a young boy in Zimbabwe, with huge potential, unable to go to school as his family couldn’t buy food let alone school fees, was sponsored through Smile for over 12 years. His sponsor believed in him and knew he had great promise. She faithfully supported him all through school, paid for his school fees, uniform, school resources and helped his family with extra gifts over the years.

Jonathan achieved some of the highest grades in his school and was given the opportunity to attend a prestigious university in Zimbabwe. He completed 4 more years studying computer science where he achieved a bachelor’s and then a master’s degree.

It truly shows what sponsoring a child can do and the importance of giving hope to the hopeless.

“When Smile came, I was able to complete my high school and also, I went to university where I graduated with a first-class degree which is a thing that I’ve been dreaming of. I would like to thank Smile International for everything they’ve been doing for me and my sponsor and their family. I want to thank them, and God bless them. Thank you so much.”