We are so committed to seeing lives transformed in many different ways but just as important is the development and transformation of rural villages, local communities and schools. Through our Developing programme, we are able to help build new classrooms, toilet blocks, kitchen shelters, as well as sink safe water supplies to provide fresh water. We can also help to provide a farmer with a wheelbarrow or other essential tools and equipment to grow and harvest their crops.

We are passionate about everyone having access to clean water as a basic human right and over the years, through our Developing programme, we have focussed heavily on providing wells, pumps and sinking boreholes to help make this possible. To think that in today’s society not everyone has access to clean, fresh water makes us dedicated to keep working towards irradicating this problem, which we can do together.

Water supplies are often contaminated with pollution, parasitic insects and bacteria making people extremely ill. For many of the remote villages we help to support, who don’t yet have a means of locally accessing fresh water, people still walk for miles in order to obtain a container of water. This may only last a day or so before the same problem arises again. When it’s your daily, lifelong struggle, when you have to risk the safety of your family or your own safety to just simply get water, that others can easily access, it is very challenging indeed.

Smile International helps to provide access to water, improved sanitation and comprehensive hygiene & health education to communities in Africa and Asia.

The value of water is indescribable and there’s not a lot you can do without it. It’s incredibly important and so we ask you to seriously consider giving towards our Developing programme so that we can sink more wells and help to provide safe water to those in desperate need.

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