For many children, education is just a dream because they are denied access as a result of poverty, war or natural disaster. This tragically limits them to a life of low paid casual labour, makes them vulnerable to child trafficking or exposes them to disease. Smile International is helping to change this by providing education projects in Africa and Asia.

Gaining access to education poses a real challenge for most children living in poverty. For most families, paying school fees is beyond them, especially when they have a lot of children. Families also have to cover not just the school fees but the extra school requirements ranging from school books, uniform and shoes and exam fees. If a child does not arrive at school with everything asked of them, they are at risk of being sent back home.

Smile International is providing opportunities for children at risk and those living in extreme poverty to receive an education by paying for their school fees, providing uniforms, as well as covering the costs of children’s exam fees. We are also working to improve the environment in which children learn and the materials the educators have available.

What can you do to help? We have set up a special Education fund to which you can donate any amount of money which will go towards providing children living in poverty with the opportunity to go to school and receive an education.

Please help us give children the start in life they need that without your help, they will not get.

If you would like to help then please consider donating today.

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