In India we are committed to providing children with an opportunity to receive a pre-school education, so they gain the skills they need to thrive and become confident and independent, ready to start school. They have a fun-filled time, through varied play and learning experiences, and discover how to interact with other children and be at the right stage for when they start school. The children also receive nutritious food to complement their learning.

The children in the pre-school are from a very poor community, often referred to as a ‘slum’, and the parents have barely enough to feed themselves. With increasing costs, it is proving even more challenging to continue this project. Your gift will enable us to continue to support the pre-school.

We are also committed to the training and equipping of evangelists and pastors through supporting a training course for men and women, called to serve God and share the Gospel in the local towns and villages.

Please consider donating to our work in India and help to feed and educate more children who are in desperate need and to help train more evangelists in sharing about the Gospel. Thank you.

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