According to the latest report for Zimbabwe it states that “Zimbabwe’s inflation rate jumped to its highest level in six months, 47.6%, as the local dollar continued its losing streak against the US dollar, in one of its worst starts to the year since the currency’s reintroduction in 2019.” Bloomberg UK, February 2024.

Our in-country projects, especially our Feeding Project, are experiencing a substantial impact due to rising costs. A clear example is the increase in maize prices, which have jumped from $6.50 (per bucket) in December 2023 to now over $10. This escalation in cost has put significant pressure on our monthly budget for the Feeding Project, making it difficult to sustain the same level of assistance to the children. It's a crucial situation requiring prompt awareness and intervention.

Your unwavering support for our Zimbabwe Feeding Project is indispensable. Your continual prayerful support is pivotal to ensure that these children, in dire need, receive daily meals during school days. Each prayer and contribution you offer doesn't just help, it changes lives, bringing hope and sustenance to young lives. Together, your contributions empower us to transform lives one meal at a time.

Please pray for our team as they manage this challenging situation and for all the children to continue to receive support during this time.

Please also consider donating anything you can towards this project. Thank you.

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