We are pleased to let you know that the medical day that we held in Uganda was a huge success. We were able to provide a free medical health check-up to over 200 people, including our sponsored children, other pupils, school staff and our volunteers. For many of the people we help, seeing a doctor just isn’t an option unless you are seriously unwell and need hospital treatment. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of easily treatable diseases, irritations or conditions go undetected until they become very serious. People simply do not have the resources to travel to see a doctor as they have no transport and any transport they may find costs too much. They do not have the time it takes to travel to their local doctor, which can be miles and miles away and furthermore, they simply do not have the funds to pay for any treatment. This means that simple, curable conditions are left to worsen.

Our wonderful team in Uganda held a medical day where we brought doctors and nurses to the school, organised a clinic for the day and were able to provide medication where needed. As is very common where we work, due to the environmental factors and poor surroundings, de-worming tablets were brought and distributed by Smile International to everyone present. The doctors and nurses also checked for wounds, cuts and grazes and gave a general all-round health check-up for all who attended.

We would love to be able to provide another medical day such as this and so we need further funds to be raised, approximately £800 - £900 so that many people can benefit from being seen to by a doctor and be treated for easily avoidable sicknesses.

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