Recently we were able to support and feed an additional school in Zimbabwe. This is making such a huge difference and means that children were having at least one meal per school day. The excitement each day when it was mealtime was quite something to witness as everyone was just so grateful. The children, their parents, the school staff and the volunteers were overwhelmed with the support as it meant they could be fed. That day, when they woke up, they knew they were going to eat and this definitely brought a smile to their faces.

For these children there is no guarantee that they will eat a meal, that’s why it is imperative that we can continue with this support. We need to be able to continue to feed these schools as a matter of urgency. They are located in remote villages and are extremely desperate for support, so they don’t go hungry. Without our help they have very little to survive on and so we need regular support to keep these feeding projects going.

Please sign up to be a regular giver, however much you can afford, so that we can keep providing food they otherwise wouldn’t receive.

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