We are thrilled to unveil a new project that urgently requires your attention. It's time to plant crops and we're hoping for a surge in funds to sow more seeds. A successful harvest directly influences our feeding project in Uganda, so your support is pivotal.

Our project urgently requires the procurement of between 40-50kg of seeds, growing mixture and more tools, costing approximately £515, to start.  Your contribution plays an integral role in making our feeding project in Uganda self-sustaining. The primary goal is to cultivate enough food to support the project, with surplus resources to be sold in the market. The profits from these sales will be reinvested into procuring more seeds, thereby establishing a continuous cycle of self-sustainability. We're aiming to evaluate the feasibility of our long-term goals over a 12-month cycle. 

How exciting would it be if you could help us hit our £515 goal! We're inviting you to be part of this journey by making a donation of your choosing. Together, we can transform this idea into reality and create a ripple of positivity in countless lives. Your contribution can make a world of difference. 

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