We just love helping the widows we support as it makes such a difference to their everyday lives. They know they are supported, loved and cared for and being able to feel this enables them to tackle each day as it comes. For many of the widows we help they live in far out, isolated places and so seeing the food supplies in their homes, helps them to remember that they are thought about and that someone does care about them - enough to help them and provide for them.

Supporting widows is what we are asked to do as Christians and so we love to be able to bless these wonderful women and see smiles on their faces. The women we help lead extremely challenging lives faced with much hardship and isolation and so to be able to ease their daily burden is what it’s all about. To see their smiles of gratitude and to know we’re helping people in some of their most challenging times is why we love serving them in this way.

If you would like to Sponsor a Widow and make a tangible difference to the life of someone by drawing close to them and offering a helping hand from afar, then please head to our Sponsor a Widow page below and help make someone’s life that much easier.