Reflecting on our "We need Bibles for Zimbabwe" Appeal from last year, we were thrilled to share the need for Bibles expressed by our dedicated team. Your generous responses truly warmed our hearts and for that, we are deeply appreciative. Your contributions have made a significant impact and we can't thank you enough.

We're thrilled to share that a local pastor we collaborate with has received a special invitation from our partner school to share the Good News weekly with the whole school. This school is where most of our sponsored children go, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. This positive reception truly affirms the impact of our work and serves as an exciting milestone in our partnership.

Your generous support has made a significant impact, enabling us to purchase and distribute Bibles, thus bringing the Word of God to hundreds weekly. They're engaging with the Gospel and enriching their faith journey, all possible thanks to you. 

The demand for our Bible outreach project in the local community has skyrocketed, and we urgently need your support to meet it. Every Bible, priced at £12.50, is a tool for spiritual growth, but we're currently short of 150 Bibles. Your generous donation can help us bridge this gap and continue our crucial work. Your prompt action could make a significant difference.

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