Imagine providing someone with something that will last them a lifetime. A lifelong gift if you will, that will have endless benefits. Enabling someone to reach their hidden dream and making an immeasurable difference. Truly investing in someone who could change the course of their country’s history.

Well you don’t have to imagine because for £1 a day, £30 a month, you can make this happen. Supporting a child through their education and giving them a chance to succeed is the way forward. It is honestly the way  change will happen and hope can be restored.

We feel as passionate now about child sponsorship, as we did when we first set it up because we know this is a great way of helping people to help themselves. It’s an investment like no other and one to get involved in.

For many children, education is just a dream because they are denied access as a result of poverty, war or natural disaster. We are helping to change this by providing opportunities for children to receive an education through our Child Sponsorship programme, Sharing a Smile.

By sponsoring a child with Smile International, you will actively be turning tears into smiles and helping give a child the support they need to grow and change their lives. Giving a child an education is so special and the results, immeasurable.

You can provide hope and where there is hope, there is a future.

The children that Smile International supports through sponsorship are accepted irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, nationality or religion.

We help to provide your sponsored child with:

• A life-changing opportunity of receiving an education
• Regular and beneficial food
• Letters from you translated into their language
• Access to regular health check-ups
• Visits from our teams, including home visits, to oversee your child’s welfare
• The opportunity for them to attend child development sessions, hosted by our teams
• Empowering meetings for your child’s local community

For £30 a month, just £1 a day, you can make a world of difference to a precious life and make this dream a reality. You can give a child the opportunity to see the world in a different light. To explore the world, to learn about the world in which they live and how, in this world, their life matters.

If there are any surplus funds, they will be put towards our other projects. This ensures that in cases of extreme poverty others may be helped.

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