In Uganda, we provide children with an education, through our Child Sponsorship programme, to help them escape the cycle of poverty.

Our team in Uganda also helps to provide empowering programmes for the parents of our sponsored children. They have spent quality time with each person and helped them to work out what they can actively do to help themselves and their families. They are desperate to make changes and prepared to work hard to do so, it just helps when you can share your thoughts and ideas with someone who can help turn it into reality.

It’s all about how to make a small business sustainable which will therefore generate income for the future. Our team have worked closely alongside them, guiding and advising them on taking those important first steps, finding out their interests, establishing a business plan, working out how they can facilitate this. 

Here is a message from one of the women on our course has said:

This micro-finance project has really helped my business in becoming sustainable! Before I was very limited in what I could do myself in growing my business, but with the loan that you gave me, my business has expanded. I have now been able to repay back all of the loan and so I hope these funds will be a blessing to many other people too!

We now want to ask for your help. A donation of £25 will help break the cycle of poverty that so many are facing by helping them and their business have a space at a local market. 

For some, they have the idea and the drive, but they are in the wrong location, so would benefit from moving hence the need for support with start-up costs. For some, they need extra help to increase their resources. So rather than having just one chicken produce a few eggs and when they’re sold, the seller packs up and goes home, having a few more chickens, produce more eggs, means more to sell and the whole process is much more sustainable as there’s more income to be generated.

A carpenter, for example, needs a little extra funds to buy more materials, to be able to make more furniture, in order to sell more and therefore boost his business.

With a donation towards this micro finance project, it could help someone invest in some extra land to grow more crops, so there’s more crops to sell and then more seeds can be brought so that more produce can be taken to market to be sold. 

It’s all about giving people a helping hand which will make the world of difference and £25 is all it takes to help make this a reality. 

Please consider donating to our work in Uganda and help more people succeed. Thank you.

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