In Zimbabwe, we run Feeding programmes which helps to provide nutritious meals for children who may not otherwise receive a meal. As well as feeding children, we also provide food parcels for widows and pastors every month. 

The children and adults we work with have hopes and dreams, but the sad truth is many of them live in overwhelming poverty that means they struggle to do many of the things we take for granted like eating and drinking, getting an education or training and following their dreams.

We are passionate about seeing lives changed and for individuals to escape the cycle of poverty. We believe people matter and we get excited about seeing people fulfil their God-given potential. This is why we provide opportunities for training through our Educating programme so that children can change their circumstances and break free from poverty. We are able to do this through our Child Sponsorship programme.

Through our Developing programme, we are able to build new classrooms, toilet blocks, kitchen shelters, as well as safe water supplies to provide fresh water.

Please consider donating to our work in Zimbabwe and help to feed more children who are in desperate need. Thank you.

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